Alicja and Cello

I had the most extraordinary experience today. On this rainy autumn afternoon, between work and school run, in one of the houses in Hove, I’ve been invited to hear Alicia and her new magical cello LIVE.

I thought of your paintings when I created this music...

Heute hatte ich die außergewöhnlichste Erfahrung. An diesem verregneten Herbstnachmittag, zwischen Arbeit und Schule, in einem der Häuser in Hove, wurde ich eingeladen, Alicia und ihr neues magisches Cello LIVE zu hören.

“Ich habe an deine Bilder gedacht, als ich diese Musik komponierte …”

… hang on, did she really said that? This is the honour, something, that truly touched my soul. Through these words a door has been opened. Only best people in the world can do it to you.

Alicja let me in to her world. Through my work I am allowed to enter spaces that seem to be closed in front of our eyes, spaces that are private, intimate and real. This is where the real beauty lives.

The universe must have been watching our paths and in some mysterious way, they’ve crossed again after 10 years. Both of us didn’t know back then what kind of women we are, what will we become.  Sometimes you just know, you have that feeling, which tells you when to get in touch with someone, who might just at the same time think or feel the same way… and when I’ve been asked to exhibit my work and then if I knew someone who plays an instrument, who could join, I just knew. So I came by and Alicia played the most beautiful sounds a woman can possibly create. The sounds of female soul in their purest form. And her cat, black as the deepest night, sat by the window listening to the sounds he can enjoy everyday and which became normality to him. My mind, however, has been blown away.

I can’t even express how honoured I felt when she said she would join me and play on the day when my work is going to be exhibited to public along with workshop lead for women, like us, here in Brighton. I’ll never forget what she said about this most beautiful music being created and in some way inspired by the same feelings, which pushed me into painting and photographing women. Our art seems to evolve from the same state of mind, the same need of expression. It’s created to be powerful, sensual and beautiful. Yet, it takes me ages to create one good image and Alicia just let’s those sounds out in a very moment, making them as perfect as they are at that very same time… I left her house with my head in clouds, with my heart full of excitement, and my artistic soul inspired and fed for another day.

We are planning an exhibition to take place in Brighton. I’ll show my photography and paintings related, to as usually, women and their beauty. Alicia will bring her cello and your minds can be blown away too.

For details will follow hopefully soon!

Alicja Bodnar started her adventure with music already in nursery days. She has finished School of Music with violin and continued on department of Jazz Vocal. She sang and played with different music bands starting with heavy metal, through electronic pop, finishing with jazz and folk. For last 4 years she developed her knowledge about cello, enjoys playing with a sound and connecting instrumental play with vocal. It’s most important for Alicia to connect with her listeners and pass her emotions onto her audience.


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