Alpen – Autumn Mountains

21 Nov Alpen – Autumn Mountains

Moved to Austria two months ago I still cannot believe in beauty of surrounding nature. I did not go out a lot to take pictures when I lived in UK. Suddenly I can see how my work is shifting from tight studio space into outer space.

I feel freedom here, I feel I belong here. I love these high peaks and crystal clear lakes, suprising me with colours and beauty everytime. I feel very lucky to be able to call it home.

Our choices determine our life. Sometimes changing all you know depends only on one decision to make. No matter how difficult it may be, doing something new is always worth it. I have learned from someone how to be free and how to follow my dreams. Nothing is impossible.

Leaving behind well developed civilisation, big cities, potential job opportunities may not suit everyone. It worked for us. I am thankful for every new day.

Here’s my friend who came from UK to see it for the first time, contemplating beauty of Lago di Fusine and Mangart massive. We took a late walk around the lake which led us to in deep darkness in wild forest. The days are shorter, the light is changing and the winter is coming.